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Parents Joining the WorldStamp Experience

Katie and her Mom in Costa Rica

Being able to spend nine months traveling, immersing yourself completely in different cultures, connecting with people from different places is an incredible experience - one that can be hard to articulate to family and friends back home. When my parents came and visited me in Providencia, Costa Rica for a week (after about seven months of being apart), it was a really exciting experience.

Facetime and emails and phone calls every couple weeks just wasn't sufficient enough to explain everything that I was feeling and learning; so when my parents were able to come and truly see what I was doing, it was incredible. Watching them eat dinner with my host family and meet my hermanitas (little sisters), taking them to the waterfall where I had spent countless hours learning to meditate and do yoga, showing them to coffee plantation where we had dug and planted and sweated - it was like watching one aspect of my life collide with another.

I'm so grateful that they were able to share even just a tiny portion of my gap year experience with me; and I know that other people on the program definitely appreciated the experience as well. In the upcoming weeks, Jeremy - a current WorldStamp volunteer - is having his parents visit Costa Rica.

WorldStamp is extremely supportive and encouraging about having family and friends come visit; it's important for your support system to understand how you're changing and growing throughout your journey!