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Women's Empowerment in Guatemala

A little more than a year ago, our 2015-2016 WorldStamp cohort helped develop and implement a Women's Empowerment Program in Vuelta Grande, Guatemala. Our WorldStamp volunteers originally were a major support system for the program, encouraging our local Young Dreamer girls to step into leadership roles, open up about some difficult topics, and feel confident in their ability to address pressing issues in their community. The program is structured around reuinones (meetings) every two weeks, in which our Guatemalan Young Dreamers switch off leading discussions about topics ranging from healthy communication and friendships to alcohol and drug abuse to birth control and reproductive matters. The group has become a safe place for many young women in the community as they become more comfortable with their freedom to discuss and engage in the challenges they face in their communities. Many of our Young Dreamers have also achieved leadership roles beyond these meetings; Amarelis has begun a paid internship at a travel agency in Antigua, and Maribel and Telma are two very respected teachers at the elementary school in Vuelta Grande. It's incredible for people within the Young Dreamer Network to see these girls grow more confident in themselves and their ability to be change-makers in their community.