At Dream Volunteers, we are on a mission to empower young people to become the social changemakers they aspire to be. We believe in the joy of doing good and the power of purpose — the fulfillment that comes from engaging in the community and helping others and the opportunities for growth and leadership that arise through service and engagement!

Is that you? Are you a young dreamer? Do you want to connect with friends who are also eager to do good and change the world? Starting or leading a school or community service or leadership club looking for more ideas and collaboration? We can help connect you to a chapter or give you the tools to start your own.


Organizing donations at a local shelter

Tutoring with Project Read

Cleaning up San Francisquito Creek during the annual Coastal Commission CleanUp Day

Assembling food relief packages at Ecumenical Hunger

Habitat restoration with Grassroots Ecology

Supporting people with special needs and disabilities

How does it work?

  • Student-led, campus-based clubs organize individual and group service projects
  • Teacher/Adult advisors help support group workshops, discussions, and guest presentations
  • Students connect with other young dreamers on local service projects, on regional impact days, and via skype and social media
  • Structured reflections and activities support a curriculum organized on three tenets: awareness, empathy, and agency
  • International service travel opportunities during school breaks provide opportunities to connect with other young dreamers


Together, this network of students contributes more than 10,000 hours of local service and community impact each school year! They work with organizations such as Grassroots Ecology, Ecumenical Hunger, 9Lives, Portrero Nuevo Farm, Canopy, Second Harvest, LifeMoves, HandsOn Bay Area, Habitat for Humanity, Hidden Villa, San Mateo County Parks, Project Read, My New Red Shoes, and many, many more.

“My experience working with and now leading my young dreamers chapter at school has completely changed how I see the world. I know that is my responsibility, not someone else’s, to help find solutions. We might be young but there is a lot we can do!”


Summit High School

“I am really proud at what we’ve been able to do. We’ve worked with lots of different organizations on all kinds of projects. The best part is seeing the progress over time at the places we keep going back to. It feels like we really accomplished something.”


Woodside Middle School

Eager to get started?

Want to get involved?  We can help you join or start a club at your school!