Global Connections, Social Impact

We appreciate your support more than ever as we work to ensure all young dreamers can continue their education and protect their health and safety during this global pandemic!

Dream Big Now!

A locally-based, globally-connected youth empowerment program for High School and Middle School students in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.

New Experiences, New Possibilities

Our mission is to position young people across the globe to become changemakers through travel, education, service, and cross-cultural connections. Together, we are creating a global community that is transforming the world for the better.

our programs

Dream Volunteers is a service-travel organization that gives back 100% of proceeds to the students, families, and communities where we travel. We offer global service trips and gap year programs for students eager to learn about the world by immersing themselves in new communities and cultures. We also invest deeply where we serve by providing academic scholarships, education, and sustainable development for our communities in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ghana, India, and Vietnam.

COVID-19 has thrown the world a curve ball and shut down international travel but it hasn’t stopped us or the young dreamers in our global community from stepping up and giving back both locally and internationally. Service leadership programs have been refocused on local community engagement and immediate emergency relief, and cultural exchange programs have become virtual via Zoom, shared videos and social media. Now more than ever, our world needs brave young changemakers as we work to rebuild and strengthen our communities post-COVID. Learn more about our DREAM BIG NOW! intensive programs, adapted for COVID-safe participation.

future changemakers

Today more than ever, we need strong leaders, moral courage, and bold innovation. Our goal at Dream Volunteers is to inspire and empower a generation of confident, compassionate, and creative global citizens who will take action in their communities and the world. Meet some of these courageous young people who are already making an impact.




“Everything about my current life, including my studies, hobbies and relationships has been influenced by Young Dreamers.”




“Being a part of this program has inspired me to take action in my community by leading the charge against plastic waste.”




“[Dream Volunteers] turns dreams into reality. I have realized my academic and personal development through this program.”




“Anyone who wants to have fun learning about new cultures while traveling with friends should go on one of these trips. There is nothing like seeing the joy among the kids in the communities we visit.”




“I never imagined that one day my dream of becoming a medical professional would become a reality. Over 8 years, this program has totally changed my life!”




“I feel confident and comfortable because of Young Dreamers. And I feel inspired to connect with the Young Dreamer community and people all over the world.”

changing the world today and tomorrow

Over 2500 active changemakers

> 115,000 hours of service

250+ community development projects


88% participants reported significant personal growth

98% participants reported intention to act


800 academic scholarships

275 travel scholarships

85 funded teachers






we are investing in the future


Your support makes possible:

  • International academic scholarships

  • Access to quality schools

  • Local community development

  • Travel subsidies for students who would not otherwise have opportunity to serve abroad

Dream Volunteers is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Because of our unique business model enabling us to self-fund operations, we are able to devote 100% of donor and sponsor contributions directly to student scholarships and development programs. Every dollar you give goes directly to our future changemakers.

 travel with us

While COVID-19 has put most of our international travel experiences on hold for the moment, we hope to resume trips as soon as it is safe. These international experiences enable students to expand their horizons, make new connections, and give back while taking in.  There are as many reasons to adventure as there are destinations to explore. Check out these limited service travel adventures and stay tuned for more to come in late summer 2021.

Let’s talk… We’d love to find a way to collaborate!