Traveling with students is a big endeavor, but it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of an educator’s life. 


benefits for your students

  • deep immersion
  • independent travel
  • personal growth and discovery
  • empathy and collaboration
  • new friendships & connections
  • great memories!

“In my experience as a student, teacher and life-long learner, there is no better way to learn and teach than with authentic, meaningful, interdisciplinary curriculum which completely immerses all learners. These new experiences, rich with purpose, push us beyond our own comfort zones to create a united community of learners. We are all students; we are all teachers. This bond in learning is rare in the classroom and difficult to replicate. My philosophy is that global education programs should be transformative, rigorous, field-based learning, grounded in the culture and socio-economics of a region. Dream Volunteers creates such global education programs!”

Christine Parker

HS Biology Teacher, Woodside Priory School

benefits for you

  • free international travel!
  • a classroom without walls
  • curriculum integration and extensions
  • deeper student relationships
  • personal discovery and investment
  • worry-free travel – we take care of the logistics

“As an educator I long to ensure my students see learning not just as a set of conversations and debates in a four-walled classroom but rather as a way of seeing the world–a lifelong pursuit of becoming.  Over 7 trips with Dream Volunteers across 5 countries, I have come to realize that the dream of inspiring my students minds to grow forever has also done the same for my heart in mind.  Seeing their hearts learn alongside their minds enables me to enter a space of re-imagining what it means to engage with the world around me in a way that is necessary to confront the ever-changing reality of our global citizenry!”


Aukeem Ballard

Teacher and Head of School, Summit Public Schools

Imagine a classroom without walls

Traveling with students allows rich opportunities to extend classroom learning, whatever the discipline. Our core curriculum, pre-written for you, focuses on social issues like climate change and sustainability, education, human rights and social justice and fosters skills such as empathy, collaboration, and problem-solving. Students are challenged to observe and interact, expanding their perspectives and their contextual references. Teachers sometimes elect to create specific tie-ins to classroom instruction, and we are always happy to work with teachers to adapt content and program structure.


Language and cultural immersion

Are part of every trip. Students quickly learn to improvise and gain confidence in their language skills whatever level they may start with, and we participate in a number of experiences exposing participants to the cultural history and norms of the communities we visit. We also offer options to incorporate formal language instruction or other subject matter content in a formal learning environment.


Hassle-free travel

Perhaps the best part of traveling with Dream Volunteers is that we take care of the hard part. Teachers get to focus on what they do best and not worry about logistics, operational details, or cost. We have deep experience, highly-trained and friendly staff, and comprehensive health and safety protocols and trip plans. From pre-trip meetings on campus or online, to flight logistics and ground travel, to daily itineraries, food allergies, and souvenir shopping, we’ve got it covered. You get to pack your bags and not worry about the details.


our commitment to you

peace of Mind

Peace of mind is important.. For many travelers, these service trips may be their first adventure abroad or traveling independently. At Dream Volunteers we are committed to ensuring peace of mind through comprehensive safety and support. From knowledgeable local staff members and experienced in-country operations teams to established food and safety procedures, 24-hour emergency support, and vetted housing options, Dream Volunteers manages all of the details so you don’t have to! You get to enjoy the trip and focus on what you do best –teaching and building meaningful relationships with your students.


Whether you are a school leader, teacher, advisor, student, or individual volunteer, we want your Dream Volunteers experience to be life-changing and memorable. We will work with you to design or select the experience you desire and are happy to integrate program curriculum, add extracurriculars, or coordinate travel extensions. We can customize an existing offering or partner to design something entirely new. Your adventure, your way.


Because we support local youth through our year-round Young Dreamer scholarship program, we have the trust and partnership of these communities where we serve. Dream Volunteers service trips are about deep immersion and meaningful service. Volunteers will work with their local hosts on projects of most importance to the community. They will work side-by-side with students their own age, and share meals and play games with host families, developing friendships and new understandings about themselves and each other.

now what?

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“When I first started hearing about all the problems in the world and the issues facing our planet, I thought, ‘Someone really needs to do something.’ Now I realize that someone is us.”


Student Volunteer, India

“My experience in Guatemala was life-changing. … [it] makes you appreciate everything that we take for granted and rethink what’s important … It was definitely an experience I will take with me for the rest of my life.”


Student Volunteer, Guatemala

“Dream Volunteers is a great partner. Theirs is truly a different way to travel and has changed how our students see the world and their roles in it. It is thrilling to be able to offer our students this kind of experience … and to do so with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that Dream Volunteers is there looking after all the details.”

Larry Purcell

Head of Keys Middle School

“I spent a week in Guatemala with students from my school and Dream Volunteers. The experience was well planned and well organized from beginning to end. Brian and his team made sure that students understood the nature and importance of the work, as well as factors contributing to the obstacles regularly encountered by the local population. Brian’s in-depth knowledge of the area and of the people who live there made this a rich and personal experience for all of us; we were able to meet and hear the amazing stories of folks who benefit directly from the work that Dream Volunteers does. The experience in Guatemala with Dream Volunteers not only enabled us all to carry away a life changing experience – it fueled a desire to do more.”

Micah Morris

Dean of Students, Woodside Priory School