Online Language & Cultural Exchange Program

Develop a sense of global connectedness through meaningful interactions
between international students and US students.

Program Overview

In light of Covid-19’s disruptive impact on our typical programs, we are providing cross-cultural experiences for our students around the world in a new way. Through two online initiatives: a Spanish-English language video exchange between our U.S. and Guatemalan students; and a cultural video exchange between our U.S. and Costa Rican students. With these interactive programs, we will continue to foster global connections among youth and provide them with the opportunity to learn about other cultures while at home!

Online Exchange

Engage in global connectedness, cross-cultural immersion, and service while sheltering in place.

Join our international community by participating in guided video interactions. You’ll be paired with Young Dreamers from all over the world to exchange videos to get to know each other and learn about your communities.

There will be 2 video exchanges per week in this program, which our team will translate for you. If you are in middle school, high school or college, you are welcome to join.


Language Exchange

Practice Spanish and/or help others practice English with the help of our team. We give you guided prompts to create videos that will be shared with your team members in Guatemala who will then respond. 

Our group leaders will manage the topics, curriculum, and help foster a bond with students from communities all over the world. There will be 3 video exchanges per week in this program. Each session will rotate from English to Spanish. Session 1 is done by both sides in English, then session 2 in Spanish, and so on.


A Glimpse Into the Classroom

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