Amazing, chaotic, beautiful, intoxicating, crazy, squalid, daunting, fascinating, exasperating, exhausting. India has been described as all of these things and many, many more. “Cradle of civilization,” India is home to centuries of history, tradition, myth, and magic. With over a billion people (and almost as many cows and elephants roaming the streets!), at least 20 different languages spoken, almost all of the major religious traditions practiced, and some of the world’s most striking geography, wildlife, and architecture, India simply has no shortage of stimulus to capture the imagination.

Unfortunately, despite rapid growth and development, much of India remains highly impoverished. Rapid urbanization has pushed many of India’s young people into unsavory slums where the struggle to get by everyday impedes any hopes of staying in school and finding a way out. And conditions in rural communities are no easier as families struggle daily with a lack of food, clean water, electricity, and basic healthcare. Our projects in India are focused in the northern states of Himalchal Pradesh and Rajasthan where there is a strong tradition and warm, lively people, and our efforts center around education and community development. There is no shortage of need and no lack of magic in this mystical land.

india service projects

Projects are based on community needs and vary from trip to trip. Here are examples from recent trips.

Working through math exercises
Sharing supplies

india travel highlights

In addition to volunteering, you will have time to travel and explore some of the many highlights the country has to offer.

A view from Agra

Beautiful textiles from the northern provinces

Monkey Temple in Jaipur

Making friends in Ambedkar Nagar

Mathura, birthplace of Krishna

Festival-ready elephants in Rajasthan

In awe of the Taj Mahal

Trying out Indian henna tattoos

Shopping for souvenirs

Learning to make chapatis

My favorite part of this trip was hiking through the Himalayas and being able to look out and see what you have accomplished and the views give you such a sense of serenity and mindfulness. It’s been the greatest gift of this trip to experience this purposefulness.

Serena, Student

India 2016

I am very happy I decided to go on this trip because I’ve already grown and changed so much! At first the language barrier was a big challenge. But honestly it’s just not a big deal because we found a lot of ways to get past it like communicating in different ways and we’re even learning some basic Hindi.
Aminah, Gap Year Student

India 2016

One of the best parts of the trip is spending time with the Young Dreamers. We’ve become one really big family. When I first got [to India], I experienced a bit of culture shock because it’s so different from home, but just being here and allowing myself to step out of my comfort zone, I’ve now become a lot more comfortable and actually expanded my comfort zone.

Emily, Student

India 2017

My work at the school is the highlight for me. I love working with the kids. I never thought that I would have this responsibility of teaching and helping shape their education. I think I have grown a lot. I know when I first got [to India], I didn’t think I could do it (teach and take charge) and now, now I can’t imagine doing anything else!

Katie, Student

India 2016

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